Friday, February 19, 2010


What a fun day!
The boys were lovin life catching all these fish!
He is setting you free into the river little fishy.
Poor fishy Rustin just like playing with you.
On our little hike down the river we found this fluff stuff. Rustin decided to get a stick and put the stuf on it and blow it into the air. He loved it.
The river.
Pro fisher!~
Oh ya baby we caught one!
Waiting patiently for a bite.
His friend the crawfish.
Rustin enjoyed playing with the bate which was little tiny fish.
The boys getting all ready!
This was about a month ago Jeff and Jason took Rustin out fishing but no luck catching anything~
So Jeff has bee going fishing when ever he can get a chance with our neighbor Jason. Rustin has been begging to go since he got his cast off. Jeff decided to take President's Day off finally a day off to spend some time with his family. His new business has been taking up a lot of his time in which we are so blessed for. So Jeff decided to take Rustin and I to the fishing spot. We had so much fun. Rustin was able to rill in 5 fish and he loved every moment of it. While Jeff fished a little on his own out in the water Rustin and I went for a little hike down the river. It was such a nice day to get out and enjoy nature!


Cassy said...

I don't see any pictures of ripped up worms!

Jeff, Chelsea & Rustin said...

I know we did not bring any because of what happened last time with the boys. Oh them boys they will do anything for entertainment.