Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rustin's 1st field trip

Here we are at Mother Natures Farm in Mesa for Rustin's 1st field trip. He knew he had a field trip coming up for a while and would ask everyday about it. He just was so excited about going he could hardly stand it. We had so much fun!
Out of all the pumpkins Rustin brought me this one. So tiny and cute.
Rustin's little class.

He had so much fun putting all the fun stickers on his pumpkin.
Rustin loved that mee was helping him with his pumpkin.
He was proud of his pumpkin!
Having fun on the hay ride going around the farm. Rustin got to sit by his cousin Ridge.

feeding the cow sheep and goats. Rustin mad a comment about the boy sheep he said mom that sheep had a big bottom. He was talking about the male part that was hanging if you know what I mean. Kids will say the darnest things!
feeding the chickens and turkeys.

He made it to the end of the hay maze. He bumped into a couple dead ends but found his way through!
Rustin wanted to sit and play on the tractor.While I shopped in the little store they had with Jeffs mom Linda we bought there peach salsa which I would recomend to anyone it is so yummy!


Smith Family said...

When did you guys go? We were there on Thursday from 9:30-11:30 for Brigdens field trip. FunnY!

AZ Finters said...

Fun. We are going after Halloween with Ella's class. I am friends with Lexi's mom Ashley from Rustins class. Small world.