Wednesday, September 16, 2009

halicopter ride

getting ready to go fly on the chopper!
Some other boy I know was having the time of his life too.
The view from above.
Up in the air he was checking everything out.
We just landed! We made it with out crashing that was my fear!
I love this picture Rustin loved talking into these head sets when we were flying in the air he would say look mom look at that everything he was seeing in the sky that was on the ground he wanted to let you know about it!He thought it was the coolest thing!

Marcie is a lady jeff worked with and her and her Husband own pheonix Halicopter they were out in Jhonson Ranch doing an event and she invited us out to go fly. The boys were all about it but I was still not sure about it. Well I was brave and went too. We had so much fun and now we can say we have been in a halicopter. Thanks Marcie for your kindness!

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AMIT said...

Wow helicopter ride u had.Nice pictures.

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