Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I would have to say Jeff did a great job building this coop out of scrap wood!

For some reason the past couple of weeks we have been finding baby lizards all over in the sand box and on the back porch so Rustin caught 2 when we let the chickens play in the grass. They were so cute he had fun withh them we let them go and he was a little sad.

So Jeff about 3 weeks ago decided to bring home 6 baby chicks so Rustin can learn resposibility or so jeff says. I said he is 3 babe that will just give me one more thing to do. My mom and jeffs sister gave him this idea I think cause they both have them. Rustin has loved having them so when they start laying eggs we will sell them to start Rustins mission fund! So we have a mini farm now. They are not so bad now that they are out side in a coop and not in my house cause they stink and I have arule no animals inside my house!

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