Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fundraiser For Baby Ellery McBride

As Some of you already know my brother Caleb & sister inlaw Shelley started their sweet family a few months ago back in September. Much to their surprise, their little girl "Ellery" came 35 weeks premature. She was diagnosed as having a chromosone deletion in her 9th chromosome resulting in a congeital heart defect called Tetraology of Fallot. They have had many trails, and have been in and out of the hostpital since the day Ellery was born. My friend Cami has been so kind, she has made a blog with there "story" on it. There is a link to the right of my blog or you can go to, and read their story. Because she whas been in the hostpital for most of her fragile life, she has had to lay flat. This resulting in her head flattening out. I am trying to get the word out so they can raise enough money to get Ellery a little helmet to reshape her head. So spread the word everyone please and thank you! They have an account set up at Bank of America under "Ellery K. McBride benefit account," No account number need.

We will be holding a fundraiser to raise money for the Mcbride family, @ Habit salon on Saturday June 6th. So please let me know if you are interested:) (We will be doing haircuts,Brow waxing & lip waxing I'm not sure the cost yet, sorry) we are in the beginning stages of planning. Also we are trying to put a raffle together for that day. If anyone is intersted in donating any items or services to be raffled off please let me know Chelsea Brandon (480)-241-5820. There will be more info to come! I will keep you all posted. You can also get updates on my friend Cami's blog


Ashley Madsen said...

I don't think you know me, but I went to high school with everyone and graduated with Caleb. Let me know if you would like, but I can offer a photo shoot for the raffle. Email me and let me know if you would like me to or what you need.

Tyler and Kendyl said...

I am SO glad you are doing this!! Let me know what I can do to help. I can get baby blankets, headbands, you name it for the raffle.. between Kayci, Kari my Mom and I. YOu rock! I'll make sure to put the link to the fundraiser blog on my blog and spread the word.

Scott, Tiff, Talon, & Tylie said...

Hey lady! Haven't talked to you in ages! Keep me update on the fundraiser I'd love to donate. I can do the baby headbands or clips, lemme know! Miss you guys, let get the boys together soon!