Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday & Happy Easter Rustin

Happy Birthday Rustin!
I can not belive my little man is 3! Where does the time go. Rustin is such a joy to have in our family.He is such a funny kid. He makes us laugh all the time. He means the world to his mom and dad! We are so blessed to have him be a part of our family! Thanks Rustin for your sweeetness!We love you so much!
Yummy Pizza!
Oh ya a bounce house kids alwways love these1
We put the tramp under ground a couple months ago and the kids play on it a lot more. It was a big hit at the party.

Trying to get all the kids to stand in a line.
Rustin is trying to bust this sucker open he knows what is inside. The kids had a lot of fun with the pinyatta s/p!
The kids are picking up all the candy!
A little shout out to Cassy for making this amazing cake. Your ar eso awesome Cassy, thanks again!Rustin loved it and so did everyone else!
Rustin was so excited about his cake. He would not stop talking about it. He knew about a monthe before his birthday that our friend Cassy was going to make his cake and it was going to be animal theme! He could not keep his hands off of it once she had brought it over!
Little man got some fun presents!
The Easter bunny was good to my boys!
Easter buny brought me a new hat!
This is at Nonnies house we had Easter brunch at the McBride's and this was baked oatmeal with Ruty's candles on it!
My mom always gets baby chickens around Easter. Nanna is holding one showing Rustin. He loves them!
A little easter piture at mamma McBride's house.
Playin with my Cousins.
Mom made me an ice cream pie! This is at Poppie and Mee's house for Easter dinner!
So Rustin's Birthday was on Easter this year. Kind of crazy when it does that. So we had a party the Friday before Easter. He enjoyed all of his friends that came and as parents we anjoyed all of our friends who came. Thanks everyone who came and made it such a fun party.


AZ Finters said...

We had a fun time all except the cold wind. The cake was awsome too! Happy Bday Rustin!

Lexi said...

WE had a great time! How did I end up in the backgroud of like all those pictures?!?

Scott, Tiff, Talon, & Tylie said...

It was a super fun time! Aren't birthday parties the best?!?!

Elise said...

What a big kid! I know what you mean when you say time goes by so fast! Happy Birthday!

Cassy Taylor said...

We had so much fun at your awesome house! I think Jaxon wants to move there. :) Happy birthday Rustin and I'm happy you liked the cake. You're one stud of a 3 year old!

Kay DeLuca said...

Hi Chelsea,

I love keeping up with your beautiful family. I am trying to find out who did Rustin's birthday cake. It was amazing ! I am interested in getting a cake for the twins graduation party. Let me know.
Kay DeLuca