Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cali Trip

We had so much fun on this trip to San Diego!This was the dolphin show
Can you tell Jeff is a little hungry or should I say all of us were. We just went all day and did not stop to eat lunch. So Jeff took a picture of this piece of meat cooking!

So we sat in the wet zone at the Shamu show and sure enough we got wet and Rustin did not like it to much. Mind you he was very tired I had to keep him awake cause he was falling asleep during the show!

Rustin got to go on this ride and he loved it!
this was one fun ride. You got a little wet on it. Jeff me, Kristi,Jayden and tanner. Tanner is making the funniest faces ever! Rustin wanted to go on the ride so bad. He was to short.

seamore and clyde show

Sting Ray time

Feeding the dolphins. It now cost $6.00 for 3 fish to feed to the dolphins. Someone is making a killing.
Mee and Rustin

So I decided the beach has got to be the cheapesr intertanment and pretty dang cheap. That is if you live by it! Who want to go rent a beach house?

what ever that little butt is so dang cute!
He started off with clothes on but he saw Jeff and Tanner get in the water. So he decided he wanted to go to!
It's beach time!

only wants mom to hold him getting tired and he is so heavy!

Is that cute or what!
This monkey was wild. he was swinging and jumping from the ropes. He was funny!
Poppie and Mee taken to ride in the air over the zoo. All of us got on one!

The car ride to Cali!
So Jeffs parents decided they wanted to treat their grand kids to Sea World and The Zoo. We all went down in a Big Fan so much fun. The kids and the adults were go go go for three days. We did the zoo 1st and can I just say are zoo stinks. San Diego zoo is so pretty and you actually see animals when you go there. Unlike here they are all hidding cause it's to hot here. We went to the beach after a long day at the zoo. I think we could live at the beach Rustin did not care that it was cold but he striped off his clothes and was all about getting in. The second day we were there we went to sea world, I just love that place and so did everyone else. We had so much fun! Thanks so much Poppie and Mee! Oh and we got a new camera since ours was stolen out of my car. Jeff ended up taking about 800 pictures. I think he like this camera a little to much. He took some great pictures. Thanks Babe!


Cassy Taylor said...

Count us in for a beach trip!! That looks so fun. I love Rustin's bare bum on the beach. Way too cute!

Elise said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I can not wait until Blake is old enough to enjoy that kind of stuff. By the way the naked butt picture is soo cute!

Scott, Tiff, Talon, & Tylie said...

Oh how I desperatly MISS the beach! I say we plan a trip stay in a cheap hotel & chill on the beach for a week! Oh how my heart just yearns for the ocean & naked free spirited babies playing in the sand!

Lexi said...

I'm so jealous of your trip! I want to go to the beach. And the park was so fun! We should do it again.