Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1st lake trip for 2009!

Rustin is trying to do thumbs up but he is not quite getting it!
Mee telling Rustin only one candy!

mom and little man!

Dad surfing we had a huge wake and the guys loved it!
Little man feeding the ducks!
Chillin on the back of the boat debating wether or not to get into the water.
Tanner and Jeff Wake Skating.
So we decided to go out to the lake with Jeffs family. We all had a good time. Only the guys got in the water. For me the water is a wee bit to cold still. There is plenty of time to go to the lake when it is warmer! I enjoyed just getting out of the house and breathing some fresh air. How could I forget getting a little sun to give my white body some color!

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Cassy Taylor said...

When I started reading your post I was like "ummm, isn't it kind of cold right now?" but then you mentioned it was. Like you said though, how nice to get some fresh air.