Friday, June 27, 2008

On Dads Day Off

We also went to the dog store of course Rustins had a blast in there seeing all the little puppies.
Dad wanted to take me to the splash pads at the mall. So here we are playing and having so much fun. Rustin would go to the water that was shooting up then when it would go back into the ground he would put his arms up and say what happened to it! Then dad took me to get an ice cream right there at Dairy Queen.Then we went to Costco and got Rustin his yummy hot dog! he knows when we go to Costco what he wants! Thanks dad for such a fun day!

So Rustin The past couple of weeks has been singing around the house with his toy that looks like a mik. So Jeff decided to get out my kerioke machine and let Rustin sing with that. Oh my heck was it the cutest and funniest thing. This kid can always make us luagh. Lets just say he loves to sing with it every day now!

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