Monday, June 16, 2008

My Gecko

So are neighbor Brian found this lizard in his back yard. We were in our back yard the same time he was, so he popped his head over and said Rustin do you want a lizard. Of corse Rustin wants a lizard. Brian is Rustins buddy he loves Brian. Every time we go out back Rustin will yell Brian where are you. If brian is out side he will peek over and say Hi. Any way Rustin had a blast with this lizard even thought it bit him he thought it was funny. We had to let the lizard go when Rustin broke his tail off on accident. Rustin was not to happy about letting him go. He asked about the lizard for the rest of the night. We had to say to him the lizard went night night.The love thath this kid has for being outside with all the critters.


Stock Family said...

Isn't it amazing that little boys...okay and our big boys :) can make friends with gross bugs and stuff? Slade would LOVE to have a bug or critter as a pet.

AZ Finters said...

Aarons sister's fam has the exact same gecco and the kids also broke his tail off. They must be fragile. Not the gecco has an odd tail that is wide like the shape of his head.
Poor Rustin, he is starved for a friend. hint hint, baby???