Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Early Spring Cleaning

It has been a while I know. I have been doing my spring cleaning early this year. I was not able to put things away and move into our home last year like I wanted, because Jeff broke his back at the dunes the week we were suppost to move in. So I finally did every room in the house the way I like it nice and neat. I hate clutter. It feels so nice to have things just the way you like. It cost alot to get organized. All the different things you can get, but I love it. Can I just tell you going through Rusty's toys was crazy that little guy has so many toys, but now that he can see them all. He knows exactly which basket to pull off the shelf so he can play with all his toys. He even plays with them more now that they are in individual baskets he can see what he has and what there is to play with.

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