Sunday, December 2, 2007

On the Hog

So Poppie Jeffs dad Got a bonus From his boss Dr. D at the Heart Institute. He got a new costum chopper that looks like a heart. It was so detailed in every way, and man was it loud it rumbled my heart when they started it. All Rustin could say was motorcycle, motorcycle. He was so excited so we had to sit on it for him and daddy took our picture. Fun Fun!


AZ Finters said...

Tell me your address again. I wrote it on my shopping list that I left in the cart at wal mart.

AZ Finters said...

sorry, email it to

The Ayers Family said...

yes, please email it to me too! I'm a total nerd and didn't save your envelope!
If I don't see it by Thursday I will just drop your card by your house.