Saturday, October 20, 2007

We Got A Dog

Razz is on the left wich is our dog and Roxy is on the right.So this the dog I have always wanted but was not in any hurry to get one. well as most of you know rustin loves dogs. Well our friends Tiff & Scott have been looking for one for a while now and wanted us to get one I kept daying no. Ya Tiff went to go pick one up called me when she was there and said Jeff told me to call you and talk you in to getting one. I kept saying no then she said look at there pictures on line they are the cutest boxers you have ever seen. I told her let me call Jeff. To make a long story short I saw the pictures of the pups and fell for it. On one condition I told Jeff she stays outside. We named her RAZZ. Rustin is having a ball with her.

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