Thursday, October 25, 2007

Family night

Rustin loves pumpkins when ever he sees one he always points or runs to it and says pumpkin. We had so much fun at the farm on Power and Warner for family night.

Rustin is taken a ride in the cow train & so is dad.
My two kids are jumping in the jumper.
Rustin and Jeff decided to go play the hay maze they were having so much fun!

Rustin and Daddy checking out the pigs!Hey dad I don't think we are suppost to be in the pens with the pigs?


Anonymous said...

You are so brave to get a dog. You have gotta let me know how that goes. Lexi wants a dog so bad, but I am worried about taking care of it.

AZ Finters said...

So Rustin is in the 90th percentile for weight, but Ella doesnt really even fall on the charts. They say 97th or more. Thats sad. When did Ella over take all of these big boys? We just stopped the bottles with whole milk. Maybe that will slow the weight gain. By the way, I had to buy her 4T jeans from old navy!

Cami said...

Hey just checkin in with ya! I can't believe you got a dog... I will have to come see when I get my facial soon yea!

Stock Family said...

Slade would like to invite Rustin to his birthday party. I need your address!