Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rustin turned 6

What in the world I have a 6 year old. Where does the time go. He is almost to big for me to carry:( Rustin has lost 2 bottom teeth in the past year. He is one bright kid. He loves to talk we call him Donald after his Great Grandpa Mack:) He will make friends with anyone. He is very determined little boy and a little stubborn at times and everyone says he gets that from his mother. What are they talking about?

We love Rustin and glad he is apart of our family.

I asked Rustin what he would like to do for his party this year and he said a sleep over. Oh, boy! Am I up for crazy boys all night? I said yes He could invite 4 boys and the was the MAX. It was so much fun for him and not as bad as I thought for me.

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