Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stratt 14 months old

Watch out everyone Stratt can move!
Love that face.

Oh, ya I am every where and I love it.

Up to no good.

In moms Esthetic cabinent. He loves pulling out the Q-tips.
Stratt is growing up really fast.
1.He finally started to walk on his own and could not be more happier. He is on the go and in to everything and I love every minute of it!
2. He is so into toy cars and motorcycles. He pushes the along the floor and makes a motor sound.
His new word is more, all done, night night, bye bye. He loves to say hi to everyone. Or he will wave good bye to you.
3.He throws fits and yells at you when he does not get his way. He has a strong personality just like his brother but yet they are different in other ways.
4.He loves to be out side so thank goodness it is finally cooling down.
5.He loves pretty much any kind of fruit or veggie. So far he is not a picky eater! I just cannot get enough of him!
6. When daddy comes home from work he gets so excited and yells Daddy!
7. When he gets excited about something he will shake his voice just like his brother did when he said nummies. Hard to explain but everyone who knows my boys knows what I am talking about!It makes you laugh every time
8. He loves his 2 blankets that have a silky side and a soft furry side. He has to have it when he sleeps right along with the binky. He only has the binky when he sleeps now! It might be a tuff one to break.
It makes you laugh every time!

Life would not be the same with out this boy!

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