Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diaper Shower

Opening all of my fun presents!
The 2 pregos that were going through fertility and all that fun stuff all at the same time. We both went on vacations the same month and bam we both got pregnant and due 2 weeks apart!
The host of the party and the big prego lady!
What is a party without a yummy awesome cake! Thank you Cassy, you are the best!
Ok these have got to be the cutest idea for wonder bottles for a special event or party!This was all Tiffany's creativuty!
The wonderful food table so cute and yummy!
So My girlfriend Tiffany would not let me have this baby without throwing me some type of shower. I told her I have everything for a boy already. So she did a diaper shower. She did such an awesome job. It turned out so cute. I had so much fun and got a lot of diapers, wipes, soaps, lotions and other fun things to! Thanks Tiff! Also thank you all who came and made it a fun afternoon! I am now ready for this little guy to come. Well I hope he is little and not as big as Rustin!


AZ Finters said...

I'm glad you had fun. Sorry I missed it, we were out of town.

Scott, Tiff, Talon, & Tylie said...

Awwww thanks Chels! Anything for Mamma & Baby Stratt! It was so fun to do! Can't wait to meet & love on that 'lil baby! Love ya!

Brian & Ami said...

How fun! I've never heard the name Stratt before, but I seriously love it! Hope all goes well with your delivery!!

curtis03 Lewis said...

These floral centrepieces are looking stunning. Truly your baby shower party was extremely gorgeous. You did really amazing arrangements. Going to organize my birthday party next month and thinking to reserve one of local NYC venues instead of hosting a party at home.