Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Best Mothers day Present!

So Rustin brought me a little book home titled Everything I Know About My Mom!

1.What is your mom's favorite food?

Rustin's Answer - Salad
Moms response - so true

2. What does your mom cook best?

Rustin's Answer - Noodles and chicken
Mom - Or at least that is what Rustin loves

3. What is your mom's favorite color?

Rustin - White
Mom- Green close Rustin!

4. What is your mom's favorite show on T.V.?

Rustin - American Idol.
Mom - Ya probably since that is about all the T.V. I watch cause Rustin it

5. Where does your mom work?

Rustin - At the house
Mom - Yup

6. How much money does your mom have?

Rustin $59.00
Chelsea - Sure

7. What does your mom do with her money?

Rustin - Pays for our house
Mom - Yup sometimes

8. How old is your mom?

Rustin - 32
Mom - I wish. Thanks Rustin.

9.What is your mom's favorite thing to do?

Rustin - Go to the store and get and get me a babysitter.
Mom - Not so much. Wish I could do that more! Funny Rustin.

10. What is your mom's favorite thing to do with you?

Rustin - Go get lunch
Mom - Sure

11.My mom looks pretty when she?

Rustin - In her wedding dress.
Mom- Thanks.

12. What makes your mom smile?

Rustin - Sully faces
Mom - Yup

13. Your mom likes it when you?

Rustin - Eat my dinner
Mom - Yup

14. I love my mom because?

Rustin - I Do!
Mom - Thanks Bub!

15. What are you getting your mom for mother's day?

Rustin - Flowers.
Mom - So Sweet!

I died laughing when I read this little book. So fun to read his answers. Then he made a little pot with flowers in it.

Funny thing On Mothers day Rustin all he could talk about is how he wanted to get me red roses for Mother's Day. Well Sunday morning he knew it was Mother's Day and he told Jeff lets go to the store a get mom red roses. Well we don't go to the store on Sunday. He was not to happy about that. He kept asking and begging to go. Poor guy. I told him what he got me was my favorite present but he did not care. I have such a sweet son and husband! Thanks for making my Mothers Day a great on

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August and Melissa said...

THat's so cute! He sure does know you pretty well. Lol