Thursday, April 8, 2010


(This is not a gimmick! I have done it and the rebate is good! Take advantage of it!)
So I decided to make a post for because I have been able to get such a great price on baby necessities that I have needed including diapers. I was able to get a value box of diaper's + a 12 pack of baby food which = $52 for $28 after a discount and mail in rebate. I'm not sure if you like saving money but I sure do! It is super easy and convenient so I thought I would share for those of you who want to take advantage.

1. Go to (There is a link to the side)
2. Pick out what you want or need (you have to include any brand of diapers to get the discount + you will get free shipping with $49 or more but you don't have to spend that much!)
3. When you check out enter RAD10201 in the promotion/referral box which will take $10 off
4. When you get to the printable receipt, print it out
5. Go to this website, (copy and paste in address bar), and print the page out to be mailed in with your receipt for a $14.97 rebate (just follow the directions on the site and don't forget to write CANCEL at the top of the page!)

Then after you have done that you will also receive a referral code that you can give to your friends to use on their first purchase to save them money and earn yourself credit at I think it is a win/win situation! Hope it helps!

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