Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last minute Cali trip

We were invited last minute to go to California with our friends the Roits and Steve and Deze and there kids. We had a lot of fun. It was good to get away with the family.The beach house we stayed at.
Rustin and Talon on the beach chasing bubbles.
They were loving it!
Looking for sand crabs but no such luck.
This boy could live at the beach.
Looking for some creatures.
He was got some snails.
What a goof.
So pretty.
Rustin's big surprise.Jeff and I did not tell Rustin that we were taking him to Disneyland till we got to the entrance he was so excited. He said to Jeff and I mom dad that was the best surprise ever. He was the best kid ever there. I love my boy.
The fam at Disneyland.

Oh I love this boys cuteness.

Ok so Jeff wanted to go on this and Rustin insisted he wanted to go too. Jeff tried telling him it was scary but he did not care. So they Get up there almost onto the r and Rustin said dad I got to go pee real bad. Jeff said hold it we are going on the ride right now. So they went and Jeff said Rustin's face was so dang funny. Jeff thought for sure he would pee his pants on the ride. You thought it was over and it kept going. Rustin came up to me when he got off the ride and said I did not like that one!
Ok I think Rustin has a love hate relationship with some of these rides.
Splash Mountian.Look at those faces.Steve,Scott,Talon,Jeff and Steve.

Rustin holding baby Cash. Do you think he is ready to be a big brother?
He always wants to do what Daddy is doing.
He is starting young.
Oh my cute boys are havin fun!
We decided to head down the board walk to the pier to see if there were people catching any fish to show Rustin. Sure enough there were a group of them catching a boat load of fish. Rustin decided to join in on there fun and help them catch there fish and put then in the bucket. I do not know who had more fun Rustin or the People catching the fish watching Rustin trying to grab them as they are flopping all over the place and The boy chasing after them. It was so dang funny! We had a blast!

These fish were making things a little difficult. They were floppin all over the place.
He was getting the hang of it.
The boy was having the time of his life!

He calls these fishy stars.

This was great entertainment for about 2 hours. Then the boy wanted some lunch.
The big boys out riding the waves. Jeff and Steve.
The bird decided to join in on Jeff's fun!
Oh yeah!
Having some beach fun with dad.

Hurry dad go faster the wave is coming!

Who is this little stud!
The Mamma and her boy.
The boys having some last day fun at the beach!


AZ Finters said...

Fun Fun. We love Newport and the pier.

Scott, Tiff, Talon, & Tylie said...

Aww such a fun trip! Can't wait to do it again! Love you guys!

Spencer and Hilary said...

So cute! That boy is such a stud!!

Courtney said...

He is SO stinkin' CUTE!! I LOVE those pictures in his cute little hat!! Glad you guys had fun!!