Thursday, January 7, 2010

4th cast and counting

Poor guy we waited in the Doctors office for like 2 hours before we were even seen. Rustin was so tired and did not feel good his ear hurt. So he was tired of waiting and fell asleep. We went to another Doctor appt. to check his ear right after this appt. and found out he had 105 temp and a bad ear infection. I had figured since he was up all through the night the night before. He has had it ruff!I hope it just gets better from here for the poor guy!

Ya that was pretty sick when they took it off. Stinky and dead peeling skin.

So we thought maybe Rustin was going to get his cast off on the 5th but no such luck. Well they did put him in one that just goes to his elbow instead of clear up to his shoulder. So he can move in it a lot better. We will see about next week.

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Smith Family said...

Poor kid I hope he is feeling so much better! I hope he gets his cast off soon!