Monday, December 22, 2008

Making and Baking!

Rustin is helping me bake. Don't you just love is clothes. He went to the bathroom and this is how he came out. He put on is clothes a little backwards! You got to love kids!
Of corse I make my salsa every year right along with carmel corn. 34 jars of salsa and 40 bags of carmel corn! Yikes I am crazy but I love doing it. It's like a tradition now I have done it 5 yrs !

I made these cute jars for family members and made about 80 sugar cookies and stuffed these bad boys full of them!Oh and I finally decorated my tree. I did not get to finish it exactly how I wanted but thats my gaol next year!

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Smith Family said...

He is so cute! My boys used to love naked. Not so much anymore though.