Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Finished product!

So we decided for family night we would carve some pumpkins. Rustin had a ball taking all the stringy stuff out and the seeds. He enjoyed helping carve into it to. He is unlike most kids on halloween he loves all the scary things you see in the stores. He wants to go down all the ilse and press the buttons all all the little halloween decor. It's so funny!


Courtney said...

Those pumpkins turned out SO cute!! I'm impressed!! :)

Cassy Taylor said...

Awesome job! We're diong our pumpkin carving tonight. I hope Jaxon likes it as much as Rustin did. That's so funny that Rustin likes the scary things. Most kids his age freak out over that stuff. Make sure you post pics of him in his Spider man costume.