Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chelsea's Birthday and a rainy day!

So It was my big day on Monday Aug. 25th and a rainy one it was. Rustin got to play a little out in it with his new rain boots that his mee got him in San Fran. jeff suprized me and took me to dinner at Fleming's steak house. He had Rustin staying the night with his mom. So needless to say me had Jeff had a wonderful evening. Dinner was amazing as always at Fleming's and then after we went shopping and I bought a few items. We enjoyed it without a kid. Not that I don't love my child it is just some times nice to be just the 2 of us!Thanks babe for a fun night!

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Jonathan and Laura said...

Rustin is so big! oh my gosh.
How are you guys? It's like Arizona and Utah are two very different worlds... Crazy. :)
Anyway, just saying hey.
Hope things are good!
Laura Nuttall Snow