Tuesday, March 4, 2008

1st tag

5 Things on my list of things to do today-
1. Go work out at gym.
2. Go to store.
3. prepare dinner.
4. take rustin to the park.
5. Work on clients.

Things I would do if I was suddenly a Billionaire-
1. Pay off ant debt if we had any.
2. Put some away for my kids.
3. I too Steph would build the house of my dreams on ;and so my kids could run free
and play!
4. Get masaages 1 or 2 times a months
5. Go on vacations to exotic place with friends!

Three of my bad habits-
1. I want things done now!So I try to do to many things at once. But I know it can't always possible be done that way!
2.I like ice cream to much!
3. I some times expect my husband to be perfect!

Places I have lived-
1. Mesa
2. Gilbert
3. Queen Creek

Jobs I Have Had-
1. Life gaurd taught swim lesson.
2. Working for my dad at American Manufacturing as his Receptionist.
3. Hair - Do as an Aesthetician/Permanet make-up.
4. Healthy Life Styles as an Aesthetician/permanent make-up.
5. PL Medical Skin Care & Laser as an Aesthetician/permanet make-up.
6. My Bussiness Radiant Faces as an Aesthetician/permanent make-up.

Things most poeple don't know about me-
1. I would love to go back to school for interior decorating!
2. I grind my teeth at night since I had Rustin.
3. I hate mushrooms.
4. I hate cleaning, but I have to have a clean house. I would love to have a
cleaning lady.

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Garcia's said...

I love reading tags. You find out a lot about you. I like your billonaire list I would build my dream home too.

BERGENER'S said...

Hey Chelsea,
How are you? You have a cute family.
It was good to hear from you. Wow
time flies by so fast, I remember when you and Cherie didn't go to school and they found you guys at the church house. You guys were cute kids and still are. Have a great day.
Jennifer Bergener

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that you didn't like mushrooms. I only like them if they are in some creamy pasta sauce.