Saturday, January 5, 2008

The start of our trip From 12-24-07 to 1-3-08

Grandma Mack you are lookin mighty fine at your age. We love ya Grannie good witch!
Okay this could be scary. Jeff broke his back last year at the dunes on his Birthday Dec. 31st. This was the last thing I wanted him doing on his Birthday this year helping his grandpa in the yard with a saw. Thank goodness nothing but good went on this year, and that I am thankful for.
This was one big Christmas tree and it was a real one.
Here we are at China Town. We did a littlw shopping fun fun!

There is Alkcatraz.
We had to go to peir 39 and see the sea lions for Rustin. He got a kick out of all the sounds they make! We Also went to Fishermens Worf while we were there and had clam chowder and prawns. More good food.

We went to the beach for a couple of hours and were running from the water as the waves came up! Rustin was having a blast!

We walked part of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so windy up there the wind would push you when you were standing still. That was a little scary!
Rustin thought that Rachelle's quad that she got for Christmas was for him. He wants one so bad. His B-day is in 4 months maybe then son!
Prime rib dinner ant uncle steve ant aunt Karens home on Christmas day. Okay they are the best cooks ever that prime rib and every thing else they made was so yummy!
So I had to order a Ice cream cake for jeff because he hates cake. I am such a nice wife!
Rustin had to help dad blow out his candles. He learned how to sing happy Birthday and now he sings it all the time.
So Jeffs parents surprised Jeff and took us to the Spinnaker a very nice resturant in Sausalito. Oh my goodness that was the best sea food ever. Lets just say we ate good that night!The resturant over looks San Francisco bay it was very pretty!


AZ Finters said...

Looks like you guys had a fun but cold trip. We need to get together soon. Maybe a game night for everyone some weekend.

Scott, Tiff, Talon, & Baby said...

Ug you guys once again we are oh so jealous of your fab vacate! We missed you guys lots.